Anderson Pet Portraits
Custom hand drawn artwork by Jonathan Anderson

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The Art:

It started out so simple; crude landscapes, lopsided houses, and out-of-proportion characters. But even still, something had always felt right when I was creating art. I felt complete, fulfilled, and instilled with a clear purpose. Whatever else, at that moment, I was precisely where I was supposed to be. I was always and am still compelled to create, and to refine my abilities.
I've dabbled in many styles and genres over the years as an artist, but it was after creating my first serious pet portrait in 2010 that I felt I had really found my niche. Since then pet portraiture has been the focus of my artistry, and I have been continually refining and pushing myself to develop the perfect method to produce the perfect pet portraits, not only capturing the minute details but also bringing out the animal's soul and personality.
I had my first big sale in 2008, selling a very large painting (36"x40") to a gallery in Madrid, Spain. I also have gallery representation here in the US, and in Norway. I have won several awards and placed in competitions over the years, and have also had articles and artwork featured in newspapers and magazines.
I offer pet portraits done in different media to suit different tastes; the majority of my work is primarily colored pencil, sometimes with touches of airbrush, marker, and pastel (This is my ever-developing method). I also offer black and white pencil drawings, as well as standard oil paintings. 

2017 Jonathan Anderson