Anderson Pet Portraits
Custom hand drawn artwork by Jonathan Anderson

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The Artist:
My name is Jonathan W.O. Anderson, I’m 33, and I’m from the small town of Krebs, Oklahoma. I have had a passion for art for as long as I can remember. In fact, some of my first memories are those of creating art in some form or another. As I grew up, this inclination towards art was nurtured by a very supportive and creative family, and I cannot remember any significant spans of time in my life in which I was not creating art.
Anderson Pet Portraits is the product of the merging of two of my life long passions, art and animals. To put it simply, I know how special the bond between pet and owner can be. They are not mere animal companions, they are members of the family, forever occupying a place in their owners' hearts.
I took all the advanced art classes available at my high school, and subsequently went on to study art further at Oklahoma State University and The Art Institute. From those advanced art studies, the life and figure drawing classes stand out in my mind. They helped me to be more observant, to capture elements and traits of a subject that may otherwise be repressed or somewhat easy to overlook by most people. This alternate way of observing a subject was the product of the best teacher I've had in my life, whom I encountered during my time at the Art Institute. It is very well applied to pet portraiture and the intricacies that must be captured if one hopes to create a true representation of your pet.
Currently, I live in Arkansas with my wife Tina, and our many pets (most of whom are rescues), who have each provided great practice for my ever-evolving pet portrait method!
Jonathan Anderson

2016 Jonathan Anderson