Anderson Pet Portraits
Custom hand drawn artwork by Jonathan Anderson

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Via Email/facebook:

"Literally brought tears to my eyes Jon! What you can put on paper, is what (our') hearts hold onto for (our') loved ones, be it human or animal, live or gone. Thank you Jonathan"
                                                                                                                                                                      -Jenna T (Oklahoma)

"Oh wow! It is absolutely beautiful. I love it!"
                                                                             -Taylor A (Arkansas)

"I LOVE this!!! It's perfect!!"
                                              -Jena R (Arkansas)

"I love it! It looks perfect!!!  I'm excited to hang it on the wall! You do beautiful work!"
                                                                       -Alex C (Washington)

"OMG... I have my portrait I have to tell you THANK YOU so much... that looks just like him!"
                                                                                                        -Michelle M (Arkansas)

(posted to a group on Facebook) "Here is Jonathan Anderson's portrait of my Jericho. THIS IS PERFECT AND CAPTURES JERICHO ' S EXPRESSION PERFECTLY! !!!"
                                                                                                                              -Vicki G (Arkansas)

"The picture of my English bulldog was amazing ! I couldn't wish for better !!"
                                                                             -Britney M (Canada)

"Jonathan did two drawings for me and he did an oustanding job they were life like. He kept me updated with progress pics and the price was well worth it."
                                                                         -Rob D (Arkansas)

Customer images

"Bad picture of this portrait..... I do not do it justice, but, oh my goodness, so incredibly talented.... Thank you so very much.... The perfect gift!!"
                                                                                                                                            -Jeffery T

2015 Jonathan Anderson